July 30, 2012

New sweet treats in the etsy shop!

I finally listed new treats in the shop this afternoon and immediately after I did, Etsy crashed! It was down for about 2 or 3 hours but once it came back I was able to edit some photos.  I have chocolate Hostess Cupcakes, Mini chocolate cakes, fruit tarts, puff pastries with strawberry,  and strawberry cupcakes.  I will hopefully be listing a couple OOAK outfits in between finishing up my last 2 commissions before getting inventory ready for the FR convention in Orlando.  I will share photos in another post of the last Blade Runner-inspired outfit i created for a dear friend!

July 18, 2012

Sneak Peek of my updated Chanel-inspired bag!

Hi everyone!  I've created an updated version of my little quilted purse.  I've eliminated the tiny flap in front so the bigger flap has a smoother look and the eyelets that held the chain strap are also gone.  There is a longer chain now that can be shortened or tucked inside completely to create a clutch!  Diedra won the purse giveaway on Friday the 13th and chose this silver color.  I have a wide selection of silk colors and can make one in any color your heart desires :) I will offer both versions and more styles are coming soon.
Look for these in the Etsy shop on Thursday as well as new Dior-inspired makeup compacts!

July 05, 2012

Tarina Tarantino Barbie is free!!

Hey guys! Hope everyone who celebrated the 4th of July had a safe holiday!  I spent mine de-boxing Tarina Barbie and I am just so in love with her! I don't really care too much for the Model Muse body so Elvis Barbie sacrificed her articulated body to Tarina and Elvis is now wearing Tarina's clothing since I haven't removed them yet, ha!  I only have one of these articulated bodies but they are an affordable alternative to the pricier Fashion Royalty dolls, hands down!  I may end up getting a couple more and will eventually be sewing for them as well.  Meanwhile, check out my pictures of Tarina with her mini room I constructed from Tarina's display box.  I used a sheet of velvet flocked scrapbook paper to line the front where the doll was tied. I mostly did this to cover up the holes, but also to be able to save the built in mini book case. It's only taped on so I can use it as a template for different wallpaper and change up the look!  It's a work in progress for now.  I will eventually buy a sheet of wood grain paper for the floor or use the placemat I have if I can find it!!  I took out the cardboard jewelry and candy displays and put my own mini dollhouse furniture and a couple bottles ;)  Enjoy!

P.S. The pillows are new in the Etsy shop: 

Zoomed back to see the whole piece: